What is a berlingotière?

A Berlingotière is a machine-tool able to produce boiled sweets also known as "Berlingots" in their most characteristic tetrahedron shape. Although each confectioner keeps their recipe often secretly inside the bounds of the family, a berlingotière remains essential to get this kind of sweet in his particular shape. A Berlingotière obviously needs to respect the hygiene requirements related to every food production.

A Jassaranis-brand berlingotière

Two of the most famous examples of berlingots are the "Berlingot of Carpentras" and the "Berlingot Nantais" (from the french city Nantes). Because of their specific shape, a berlingotière actually is a must to be able to produce them.

Typical Berlingots produced from a Berlingotière

The great advantage of a berlingotière consequently is to produce the berlingot in a perfect shape, in a standard way and in a very short time, still keeping the quality and touch of a handmade production.

For whom is a berlingotière useful?

The higher productivity feature linked to a berlingotière is an advantage for any confectioner and sweet manufacturer looking for producing and selling berlingots. Consequently, this tool is designed for artisanal and professional purpose.

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Where can I find a berlingotière?

This kind of machine is really specific and the know-how as well as the tools related to the berlingot production are most of the time forwarded inside a family, from generation to generation. Moreover, there's just a few companies able to produce the berlingotière. This makes a research for a new berlingotière really difficult.

In spite of this situation, this is still possible to order it from the french Berlingotière specialist: O.M.G - Outillage Mécanique Générale, located in Roche-La-Molière. O.M.G. provides two kinds of berlingotière, corresponding to two differents production levels.

The information flyer about the berlingotière provides a bit more information as well as the contact data of the O.M.G. company.

To know more about the company, you can also visit their french website www.omg-france.fr.

To contact O.M.G. directly and/or order a Berlingotière, just send an e-mail: contact[at]omg-france[dot]fr.

Is a Berlingotière expensive?

Depending on the company selling it and the different kinds of machine, you should find a berlingotiere from 1500 EUR to 3000 EUR without tax.

Note that in spite of a market with few competitors, O.M.G. stays really competitive. It's consequently worth to ask for their exact prices using the previously exposed contact data.

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